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Elise Moments

Stories, musings, and observations on moments in life by Elise Walsh.

About Elise

I am a creative storyteller. I write short form stories, poems, and prose. I’m also a musician, songwriter, and teacher. Each story is based on my experiences and inspirational aspects of life.

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You will find my stories and other creative work in the Moments section.

Listen to music

If you’d like to explore my music, please visit the Bella Groove website. You’ll find links to my discography, and information about music lessons I offer.

Recent Moments

Read the most recent moments.

Bush Halloween

Bush Halloween

Bush Halloween is a short video I made to celebrate Halloween in Australia.

Love is a river

Love is a river

Love Is A River was a poem written in 2010. I then adapted it for a song released in 2021.

Little Boy

Little Boy

Little Boy is a song based on an observation from a tram journey in 2003.