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Take a breath
Take a moment
on the out breath
to connect, to reflect

As I gaze towards the horizon,
I could be anywhere really.
Connection to place is truly significant
when you’re miles away from familiarity and comfort.

Home is where you make it.

Appreciation and a kind of awe, lies in the awakening hours, pre-dawn in touch with nature’s beauty before the world awakens.

Beautiful light reflecting on buildings; the changing colours of the day.

The city high-rises, like trees, shade us from the heat above.

Pondering the skyline,
staring above the buildings, or trees,
can really give you a true sense of the enormity of this universe.

There are so many wonders in life that we walk past every day.

And yet, do we really seen them?

Do we see the tiny bird – the size of a leaf, flitting from branch to branch.

A tired tree looking worn from the strong wind.

The bright yellow flower standing tall amongst the long grass?

Do we see our loved ones, our friends and neighbours for who they truly are?

At the end of the day,
take a breath,
take a moment,
on the out breath,
to connect, to reflect.

Photo by Elise Walsh