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Allan Walsh: 13th August 1940 to 17th September 2013

Your earthly body gave up on you,
yet your spirit still abounds.
Imagine that there’s a place now,
where you’ll be forever free.
At peace in your place by the sea.

Big surf, rocky platforms.
Fossils of ancient life.
Rock pools, an abundance of sea life.
Eucalypt lined shores,
just for you to see.

Flat walking paths.
Smiling and happy families.
Opportunities for mingling.
You are the big, strong man,
that you imagine yourself to be.

You continue to espouse
the worth of education,
the art of conversation.

Like a peripatetic preacher,
of no particular faith.
People gather
to hear your stories.

Political satire, quotes to inspire.
It is a considered life.
A desire for all humankind,
to live a life of equanimity

A life of no regrets.

Monthly rags you’ll subscribe to
World News, arts and political fare
Books, fact and fiction

The latest technological attractions
Cloud storage for your memoirs

Frequent visits by friends and family.
Someone dear will always be near.

Your values I hold true.

Your sheer grit and determination,
to keep afresh, to keep new
ideas and your body moving, flowing.
You set a high bar
to read wide, to travel afar.
Always question, always enquire.

I will forever be inspired,
you will always be admired.

Oh to see you smiling
healthy and happy once more.
With all your troubles washed away
resting in your place by the sea
the place you said you’d always be.

Be at peace dad. Forever more.

Photo by Elise Walsh